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Energy Storage


Energy Storage as a principle is not new, but energy storage on a Megawatt scale in the form of Electrical storage or Thermal storage has become a focus point for Commercial businesses, as well as for several government sponsored projects.

For example, a Seasonal Thermal Energy Storage system in Germany, storing the equivalent of 400 MWh of energy in an underground water silo, is used for space heating in winter time.

ZettaJoule Energy Storage (ZES) already did some research and development in respect to the storage of thermal energy and filed a patent, in this regard, for domestic heat storage devices.

LiFeP04 Batteries gained momentum in the Electrical vehicle (EV) market, and many of the properties of these batteries fit the needs of Renewable Energies like a glove.

We started in early 2013 to create business partners in this regard and set up a value chain for large format storage with LiFeP04 batteries. ZES can now use these technologies in setting up Battery banks ranging from 1kW to several Megawatts.

ZES will focus on bringing acceptance of LiFePO4 technologies and Battery management systems to the South African market in new installations, but also as a replacement of any other technologies currently being used in the commercial and domestic installation.

We have formed partnerships with several key suppliers, each of them leaders in their field of expertise and will offer a world class system to the South African market without redesigning the wheel.

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