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LiFePO4 Training


ZettaJoule Energy Storage Pty Ltd is launching a series of training courses on Advanced LiFePO4 Storage technologies to assist the growing market to make sense of the storage explosion that is busy changing the storage landscape.

The courses will aim to develop a range of expertise to empower the participants to evaluate, buy, design, implement, analyze the performance and maintain these technologies successfully.

Since the market is in its infant stage, there is an acute need to get the industry literate in processing the information available and to use the technologies successfully in the South African context.

Four of the six courses will be launched in Cape Town, South Africa in October 2016. Interest permitting, these courses can bepresented in other main centers.

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Technology specific courses:

These courses do not promote any specific product or brand and are technology specific.

October 2016
LT101: Understanding Large LiFePO4 Battery Packs
LT102: Design, Build and Interface considerations of LiFePO4 packs

November 2016

LT103: Making sense of the maze of Storage Technologies

Product specific courses:

These courses are developed around specific products sold and supported by ZettaJoule.

October 2016 (On request)
LT201: Lithium Balance Battery Management Systems (BMS)
LT202: CAN-BUS interfacing with Inverters

November 2016 (On request)

LT203: LiFePO4 Data logging and Analyses

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