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ZettaJoule Sustainable Solutions (ZSS) will focus on energy efficiency, the usage of available renewable energy sources at a particular site, and the engineering of a sustainable, cost effective solutions.

Basic design philosophies.

It is cheaper to save energy than to generate it.

Every kWh you can save in such a way that you won`t need it anymore, for example proper insulation, is one kWh you never have to generate again. The perpetual advantage over the long term, outweigh any active generation of energy.

If you do not measure energy use, don`t try to generate energy.

  • Any advice given without the support of well-founded statistics on the energy consumption of a client is reckless and puts the sustainability of the project in question. It will eventually harm the image of renewables, which is still in its infant stage in South Africa.

Self-consumption must be a short and long-term strategy.

  • South Africa is lagging Europe and specifically Germany with about 30 years when it comes to Renewables energies and RE Policy.

This in essence is not always a bad thing, since it creates an opportunity to leap frog a generation of technologies.

Any RE Policy or installation needs to acknowledge the strategic positioning of storage in the design to ensure the long-term application thereof.

Energy Storage is due to become a vital part of any RE design in future, as already proven in Europe and reflected in the new RE Policy in Germany.

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