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LiFePO4 has several advantages such as size, weight, Calendar life, Cycle Life, temperature stability, and much more.

10 Key Properties of LiFePO4

A LiFePO4 installation needs special management of the batteries, especially if one is building large Battery packs consisting of hundreds of Cells. Battery Management is a must, and we deliver state of the art BMS systems to complement our Cells.

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LiFePO4 also has the advantage that you can charge Battery packs within 3 Hours and even faster, posting a major advantage for many users where the timeframe for recharging is critical.

Chargers specifically designed for LiFePO4 are available. We also integrate with normal Lead Acid chargers, where the client does not want to replace existing infra-structure, permitting that the Charging profile can be changed.

Display and Logging of data are critical, and with the Opus Range of monitors, we can offer programmable visual displays with the monitoring of any data communicated on the CAN BUS.

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